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The Disappearing ACT (Tips on Concealing)

November 27, 2011 1:01 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I found this article while I was browsing the Women Weeklymagazine and i thought "AH HA! Great tips for my readers!" And i took photos of it and now, i wanna share with al of you how to conceal your under eye. Many asian women have dark eye circles which may mainly due to Sinus, allergies, age and more. However this dark circles are easily to get and hard to get rid of just like the fats in my body.

These are the effects that might cause dark circles.Anywhoo! Below are the step by step write upon how to conceal under eye circles from the Experts!

Hope you find it useful! xoxo!

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March HIT List!

April 1, 2011 11:03 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I didnt do much fav of the month product just because i could not keep up to it. I don't buy much make up at the moment since i have so much to use up. Anyways, this is the products I reached for constantly. Products which i showed many attention to. Things which work for me :)

Products Mentioned:
- chanel vitalumiere powder
- avene skin recovery cream
- nyx orange corrector
- stage concealer in sands
- stipple duo shadow brush
- e45 sigma brush
- mac dessert rose blush
- mac melba blush
- maybelline pulse perfecting mascara
- stage eyeshadow in french lace and coffee bean
- nyx ever lip pencil
- stage lipgloss in dido
- mufe rouge artist lipstick in no.38

<iframe title="YouTube video player" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/wxuKT9YpWIM" frameborder="0" height="349" width="425"></iframe>

Thanks for watching!!!


Review: AmazingCosmetics Concealer

March 1, 2011 10:42 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

<iframe title="YouTube video player" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/aEvd3-cZPu0" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480"></iframe>


Ok, so maybe the colour which I got for the concealer is tad off. It happened to be darker than my skintone. Hence, that explains the orangey tone to it. Amazing Cometics was the concealer I saw Michelle Phan uses it on her video. I was amazed at how she frequently uses it and how it looked super great! So, with the special deals from ULTA.COM. Lin asked me if I would like to share with her on such great deal of buy 1-get-1 for the concealer! I could not miss it for the world. Little did we know, the shade that we had was off. But nonetheless, i made it worked, by what Sarah have commented on my post.

Thanks Sarah! Your advice really helps! So what I did was applied MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW25 on it and vouila! Totally covered! I was surprise by how long it lasted too.

I did tried it before without my mac concealer, and the result was horrendous. I did know know which part of the concealer was amazing. Really. I believe should I had the right shade, I can totallly skip the part on adding other concealer to it. Doublle hassle. But it worked.

Wanna know more? Watch on my video!

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a very good question to share!

August 8, 2010 1:53 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I received an email from a reader of mine and I would like to share it. It is somewhat useful for many of us. Here it goes!

"Hi! Im one of your avid reader of your onsugar. I just recently bought a MAC concealer and its my ever first purchase from MAC. Im just wondering is it normal to have a bit layer of oil
on the top of ure concealer? And from what i know, i cant get a cash return or an exchange for default items right? I hope u can reply to me asap!

Thanks! :)"

Hi Farah!

Thanks for writing in! Anyway, yes it is normal. Do not be afraid. I have experienced, liquid concealer and cream concealer having oil on top of them. It is part of the formulation. If you have the liquid concealer, i suggest, put the tube at the middle of your palm, and rub it a couple of times before you squeeze them out :) If it is in a pot, just mix it together with a brush and apply! :)

Hope this finds you well!


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Review + Comparison: Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer

April 12, 2010 9:37 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I bought this from Drugstore.com when there was a BOGO going on. It originally cost $9.79 each. It is one of the highly raved drugstore concealer in the US. The product descriptions are stated below.

"3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes instantly hides dark circles, reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines and helps protect the sensitive eye area with SPF 20.

This multi-tasking concealer instantly camouflages dark circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and protects with non-irritating SPF 20--all in one easy step. The ultra-blendable, skin-conditioning formula provides natural-looking coverage, won't settle into fine lines and is safe for contact-lens wearers."

The product consist of 0.37 oz tube. Has SPF 20 and offers 4 shades. My shade is in Medium 15 (MAC NC42 user).

It has a rather thick consistency to it. I does not have any scent. Very blendable. If you can see the pictures above, it blends really well on my hand, let alone under my eye.Almost reminds me of the kat von d tattoo concealer that i have been using and raving previously.
If you can see, before i apply the concealer, my under eye circle is not as dark as it used to be. Side track abit, i use the Body Shop nutriganics eyecrea,. I realise the differences. PLUS catching up on my sleep helps as well. Haha! Anyways, back to the concealer, you can tell that i look like i never use any concealer. It is almost unnoticeable. The concealer works so well that i am able to just apply it under my eye without proper application. I can use my fingers or brush and it still looks good and blends very well.

Plus, it last for almost 8 hours. No fading. No shifting. Its there. I do not have to worry about my under eye looking all gray too. And this concealer has never once irritate my eyes. I have a very sensitive eye. Even MAC sculpt concealer irritates my eyes sometimes. I really do love this concealer. Its inexpensive, it covers flaws PLUS it is an eye cream itself! So you kill two birds with one stone! Definitely will buy more of these!



When i first recieved this, the packaging and size completely reminds me of my ZA concealer which i used ages ago. So i took it out to do a mini comparison. So to all my singaporean readers, this is dedicated for you!!! Whether or not we need to get a concealer across the region? Is it similar? Is it worth it?

I could not remember the cost anymore but a Za concealer (9g) cost at least SGD$12. You can get it in any local drugstore.

Neutrogena concealer (10.4g) however, you have to order from drugstore.com. Based on the retail price, it cost about SGD$14.

If you can see, when i squeeze both formula out of their tube, you can barely tell them apart. The tint and shade looks similar. But when i start rubbing it out, i realize that the ZA concealer is a tad watery, and the neutrogena concelaer is more creamier. Plus i realize ZA concealer has yellow undertone to it, while the neutrogena has a pink undertone to it. Like many MAC concealer, the MA will recommend an NW range of concealers for NC foundation users. But this might be wrong as many yellow tone skins would prefer a yellow tone concealer. So it is really personal preferences.  But i prefer the pink tone more as the ZA concealer makes my undereye appear very gray.

Now, whether they work the same is the main question!

In my own opinion, the ZA concealer does not last as long as the Neutrogena concealer did. It fades after about 6 hours upon usage and i can see my undereye circle yet again. With the Neutrogena concealer, i do not have to worry about it. In terms of long lasting concealer, Neutrogena wins.





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Brisbane HAUL!

September 30, 2009 2:47 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

The moment you girls have been waiting for! Nah..i didnt get much because i spend bunch on clothes and bags. Plus all the drugstores are really expensive! I didnt even touch MAC in brisbane knowing how high they mark up the prices there. Phhhrf! So, these are basically the stuff i picked up! :)

ENjoy! lET ME KNOW what products you want a review on ya?


Tag: Most Worn Mac products

September 13, 2009 1:17 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

I was tagged from erniewornie from youtube on the most worn products. But i shall break it down to MAC products first. So here they are.

I shall not start with face products. It breaks me out. So, My all time fave, gotta have my

Brunette Bronzer- the sheen it gave me is just awesome. Plus it is long lasting.

Plus my overly worn in all my video is Rubenesque Paint Pot. Truly awesome. Never put on any eye colour without it!

Woodwinked eyeshadow. i could never ever describe this colour. I fell in love the first time i tried it on and Am still loving it. Like my skintone but with a nice bronzy sheen. But does not give colour~...so yeah..you see? I cant describe it.

Highlight is never great without Vanilla pigment. Oh this shiz is crazy. I am sooo going to buy the full size. Love it  love it love it.

Plus my blushes would not look good without my 187 brush which i got it from Bangkok airport. Did i mention i am liking the 224 brush especially for adding highlight plus blending the whole colour out? Amazing.

I wore the selectcover concealer everyday just to finish it up because the coverage is not that great. I CAN still see my dark circles after putting this one. So nothing crazy for me..I will never blend colours as great with out my 217 brush.

Stark naked blush. Oh where do i start. Amazing blush. Thats all. Finally, my look will not be complete with out the miracle water, fix + spray which can be substitute by EVIAN SPRAY! haha!


Thanks for reading!



I tag everyone of you who reads this.




Top 7 July Favs?

August 2, 2009 2:08 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

I am sorry this post came in late. I was super busy. Last week i just started school and i need to submit my group assignment in 3 weeks time. Its crazy! Group meeting here and there, classes and social life kicking in and family...ohh its just BERSERK! Also, been organizing the meet and greet which went smooth and such success.That i will post it up right after this one.

So much for the ramblings, i had a wonderful month of July. I would name it Hauling July. I have been hauling non stop! From bodyshop to mac to drugstore to sales to onlines...oh my i am gong crazy. I really am stopping hauling or shall i say pausing it in the month of August for better savings accumulated for MAC collection in october and november. So there are so many new products i have yet to try and review, my favs are very very limited. Here they are:

 1) Bodyshop Tea tree Skin Clearing Face Wash: There are two kinds of facial cleansers. The foamy one and this liquid-like wash. The one i have is much more stronger and concentrated. So i needed something stronger for my oily face. This is a very refreshing wash. It does keep my face so fresh and matte. Loves it. Reviews coming up soon! :)

2) Bodyshop Tea tree Skin Clearing Toner: The smell is very strong. Smells like some oil medication supposingly for burns or cuts. haha! But this is great. I feel a stinging sensation for 5 secs after using this. But it does great for my face. Reviews will be up soon too ya :)

3) MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow: I LOVE! LOVE this eyeshadow. I find myself reaching for this every morning. Just an overall colour. It is a nice bronzey but not too obvious kind of colour. Great for everyday. And super duper pigmented which makes application so easy and SPEEDY! 

4) Chanel Glossimer in Nebula, 122: This gloss not only is so pretty form its packaging. Quality is great. Long lasting. Also, it isnt sticky like MAC lipglass does. It feels like i am not wearing any gloss. Wearable on its own or i always layer it on top of Brave New Bronze.

5) MAC Spiced Chocolate Quad: I always seem to grab this for days where i need make up on. I ALWAYS uses this palette. I find that these colours really suit me and my personality. Bright orange with a subtle dark brown to contour my eyes. Whatever colour i use, i seem to always make use of this palette. So great buy! 

6) MAC NW25 MoistureCover Concealer: It goes with its name, MoistureCover. Not only it covers dark circles and blemishes so well, it moisturizes the skin. Not visibily but i never ever ever EVER had any shifting of concealer, white under eye circles and cakey-ness. Its just PER-FECT!

7) MAC Plum Dressing Eyeshadow: This is hands down the most prettiest eyeshadow i have owned. I feel pretty when i wear this colour, even if it means a tiny amount of the colour. It is me. Purple. Can go smokey or even add on to some neutral looks. LOVE IT! 

Let me know if you need anymore reviews on any of the products yah?




REVIEW+FOTD: MAC Select MoistureCover Concealer

July 11, 2009 12:10 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

I was a former ZA concealer lover, until one day, it looked really2 white on my eyes especially when i take pictures with flash. Plus, i have to pack it with studio fix just so it would turn yellow rather than white. So, I was on a roll to find a concealer which works for me. Typically, i would head to mac for concealer. I did not think of it, until lin got hers from our mac workshop voucher. So, she got hers similar to my colour. The warmth tone. The MUA chose a pink tone for our concealer instead. I was skeptical of it at first, thinking that it would turn white. But when i apply it to myself. It was amazing.

The texture is very soft and so easy to blend. I just dap it on my eyes, and blend using my ring finger. It absorbs really quick which makes blending so much easier. With or without foundation, it seems to blend smoothly. Thats what i love. And it is a FOR SURE- NO-CAKEY-RESULT concealer. I tried many ways. With a brush, without a brush and it never seem to cake up. 

You can tell, on your right hand side, there is no concealer applied. My fine lines are so obvious. Its much darker than the other. Also, on the left hand side, there is not and visible product used on it. It seems super natural. That is what i loveeeee about this concealer. It is light in texture, easy to blend, smooth and does not cake up.


ZA Powder in No.33

Brunette MSF as bronzer


Maybelliner brow pencil in grey

MAC NW25 Concealer


Rubenesque pp

All that glitters es

Maybelline Gel Liner in Black


Nivea Lip Balm
I look so fresh early in the morning! I love how there is no white under eye area significant at all. I LOVE IT! My new found holy grail!

Product ratings: 5/5

Packaging: 4/5- the cap seems very dirty. Dislike the material. Its like a rubber texture.

Would I buy it again? Definitely! 

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MAC In Mode WORKshop Experience + Haul! -picture heavy!

June 28, 2009 10:38 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

It was such a great experience! I am sure Lin and Everbluec agrees with me. Firstly, the bar is abit too cold for a morning class. But after a while everybody seems to ignore it. The set up was great. Sophisticated and very much MAC statement, to have it all in black, a standing white fluoresent light beside each table lets us apply make up with convinience. Coffee and Tea were provided together with tea cookies and a cake. Sweeteners form white sugar to equal sweetener is held before us. There were MAC executive trainer to host the show, together with a make up artist who stands at the back and assist us whenever we need help. The marketing executive, joey, was busy with registration papers right at the end of the bar. And of course, the most talented make up artist stand before us on stage with a gorgeous, flawless and tall caucasian model sitting on the director chair.

Everything was properly planned out. The tools we had in front of us, situated on every table. The table was draped with black cloth and a comfy cushioned chair, was just overwhelming. It was great to learn make up while sipping a cup of hot coffee. Linnera and I was sharing alot of informations with each other, all beauty related! It was so amazing to get to talk all in "beauty language!". When the class started, the MUA showed us his works from all magazine covers to fashion shows and more. Then, as he started, lin and I was just holding all the tools as we could. We touched the brushes the most knowing they are super expensive.We were told to remove our makeup so that we could follow the tutorials. And so we did. But, after the class, i was suppose to head out. And there were no eye base and all, and applying eyeshadow would just make things worst. But anyway before i head off, i cleaned my make up off so that there are no chances of creasing. So we started with one of the face chart diagram and followed it thoroughly. Great tips was shared which makes it much more interesting. I felt as if i was in a class studying, only this is more fun! So, after 3 face charts completed, we took a break. I was impressed of Woodwinked eyeshadow. It was trully unique. It was a tone down version of amber light. And its brown. Nice for an all over colour. The MUA specifically told us, as golden tan skintones, to use certain colours and more. The brushes he used was versatile, unlike us mac lovers, we chose to buy a brush which concerns on one area. Example, he uses 217 brush for blending, packing colours, applying concealer and more! So, wihtout further a due, these are the images for your viewing pleasure.

So, heres the goodies I got!I hope you enjoy reading and watching! If you're lazy to read, see the video ok?!


Need a makeover?

My Love & Passion.