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Found!: ZA new make up remover and mascaras

October 1, 2011 1:17 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

These were spotted at Watson, Clementi Mall. Nicely displayed at the corner of the cosmetic section, ZA were offering new packing of their products. These are more feminine and girlie rather than their signature blue tone packaging. These made me stop to look and touch their products.

The products ranges from mascara bases to different effect of mascaras, liners, new packaging brow pencils and eye & lip remover. If you are a fan of ZA, you should check these out!I missed out the price, if you do know about them, share it down at the comment section, OR if you hauled it, paste your link below too!

Somewhat the mascaras are close to the majolica majorca ranges.

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Review + Comparison: Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer

April 12, 2010 9:37 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I bought this from Drugstore.com when there was a BOGO going on. It originally cost $9.79 each. It is one of the highly raved drugstore concealer in the US. The product descriptions are stated below.

"3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes instantly hides dark circles, reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines and helps protect the sensitive eye area with SPF 20.

This multi-tasking concealer instantly camouflages dark circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and protects with non-irritating SPF 20--all in one easy step. The ultra-blendable, skin-conditioning formula provides natural-looking coverage, won't settle into fine lines and is safe for contact-lens wearers."

The product consist of 0.37 oz tube. Has SPF 20 and offers 4 shades. My shade is in Medium 15 (MAC NC42 user).

It has a rather thick consistency to it. I does not have any scent. Very blendable. If you can see the pictures above, it blends really well on my hand, let alone under my eye.Almost reminds me of the kat von d tattoo concealer that i have been using and raving previously.
If you can see, before i apply the concealer, my under eye circle is not as dark as it used to be. Side track abit, i use the Body Shop nutriganics eyecrea,. I realise the differences. PLUS catching up on my sleep helps as well. Haha! Anyways, back to the concealer, you can tell that i look like i never use any concealer. It is almost unnoticeable. The concealer works so well that i am able to just apply it under my eye without proper application. I can use my fingers or brush and it still looks good and blends very well.

Plus, it last for almost 8 hours. No fading. No shifting. Its there. I do not have to worry about my under eye looking all gray too. And this concealer has never once irritate my eyes. I have a very sensitive eye. Even MAC sculpt concealer irritates my eyes sometimes. I really do love this concealer. Its inexpensive, it covers flaws PLUS it is an eye cream itself! So you kill two birds with one stone! Definitely will buy more of these!



When i first recieved this, the packaging and size completely reminds me of my ZA concealer which i used ages ago. So i took it out to do a mini comparison. So to all my singaporean readers, this is dedicated for you!!! Whether or not we need to get a concealer across the region? Is it similar? Is it worth it?

I could not remember the cost anymore but a Za concealer (9g) cost at least SGD$12. You can get it in any local drugstore.

Neutrogena concealer (10.4g) however, you have to order from drugstore.com. Based on the retail price, it cost about SGD$14.

If you can see, when i squeeze both formula out of their tube, you can barely tell them apart. The tint and shade looks similar. But when i start rubbing it out, i realize that the ZA concealer is a tad watery, and the neutrogena concelaer is more creamier. Plus i realize ZA concealer has yellow undertone to it, while the neutrogena has a pink undertone to it. Like many MAC concealer, the MA will recommend an NW range of concealers for NC foundation users. But this might be wrong as many yellow tone skins would prefer a yellow tone concealer. So it is really personal preferences.  But i prefer the pink tone more as the ZA concealer makes my undereye appear very gray.

Now, whether they work the same is the main question!

In my own opinion, the ZA concealer does not last as long as the Neutrogena concealer did. It fades after about 6 hours upon usage and i can see my undereye circle yet again. With the Neutrogena concealer, i do not have to worry about it. In terms of long lasting concealer, Neutrogena wins.





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Found!: DUPE: Allthatglitters at drugstore?

February 9, 2010 10:13 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

Just something to share for my beloved readers:

As soon as i saw, rainydays posted a dupe for allthatglitters, it was a reminder for me to post this out too.

A cheaper alternative for allthatglitters from mac is:


Similar huh! If you can tell, under a too faced insurance base, the za eyeshadow is so much more vibrant! It definitely do not look any vibrant at the store at all! I gotta admit i never and will never look upon za eyeshadows as i was very skeptical of it. I mean how good can a drugstore eyeshadow be. I was totally blown away. This trio was bought by my sis from the Robinson Sale as she needed a simple neutral everyday look and she gotten this eyeshadows. She hates splurging too much on make up so, she got a ZA. While meddling and playing with it, i was super excited to find it is a dupe for mac most infamous eyeshadow, allthatglitters.

Welll, to all my beauty readers on a budget. You know what this means. :)



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August 23, 2009 4:52 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

Bazaar Puasa in translation meaning Fasting month Bazaar. There are many2 places holding these bazaars where all food such as snacks, meals are sold in a small market. There you can see many Malays crowding the area trying to get sweets and pastries for our break fast which is due at 7.14pm tonight. So yeah. I look somehow weak in this pictures. But really, im doing ok.haha! Boy i got puasa face!...ahahaha


ZA Powder in No.33

Mac SelectMoistureCover in NW25


Mac Stark Naked


Stage Pastel Posy

Prolly not an important post but this is one of my most EASIEST for running errands or out and about for awhile. :)

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How I labeled my ZA powders :)

June 22, 2009 10:32 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

Don't get me wrong. I didnt get all these in one shot. Nor it being a collective purposes. All are bought for different purposes and uses.

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John Little- Milani UPdates!!!

June 21, 2009 4:50 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

ON A HOT sunny saturday, W=we were on a mission to just WINDOW SHOP! And i guess i failed to do so. It was exciting the first time..but i gotta get the last item on this post. JUST HAD TO! Anyway, I was shocked milani had it all GOING ON! New arrivals! Great WHITE lighting which attracts me like a fly and a light bulb! Hahahah! Anyway, look at those stuffies! I managed to get pictures! I am soooo going to get the concealer next month...

They are so expensive! Do you know, in USA, milani are just like any drugstore products, selling at dirt cheap price! And over in Singapore, it cost almost close to MAC! But, again, the product  never fails. Great quality. I definitely loves the ligloss! Oh, may i add, i think STARDUST really needs to have more tissues around! Tissues are like GOLD there! Its crazy!omG!!! WHEN i first saw this, i was like OMG! I GOTTA HAVE IT! aT $12.25?! A BEAUTIFUL COMPACT which i was regretting not getting it from last year's holiday set! I always wanted one for myself! The packaging is just lovely! This is such a steal! You could choose your own tone too. Get it whilst stocks last ok!


Im selling ZA concealer in NO.2 away!

June 18, 2009 12:04 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

I should have gotten No.3. This is way too light for my darker complexion now. Hmmmm... BUY PLEASE! Help me get the darker one...ahahahah! :)

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Tips & Ways to Conceal with Diana!

June 14, 2009 2:39 am · Posted by adorebeauty06

I feel that a video is the best way to describe and bring my point out on how i conceal. Honestly, I have not tried any other concealer other than ELF and ZA. I am that scared to trial and error because i went to too much trouble to find perfect products for me. And I found ZA concealer! So, I shall stick to it for the moment. So, here it is, a video which illustrate what I think about concealers and what i have learnt! I hope this benefits some of you! Enjoy! :)

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May 19, 2009 4:13 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

Names which are going:

- Linnera + a friend/sister

- Vivinera

- Pamela

- Me

- Rab

- Fizah + Friend

Are you in? Wanna know what Im talking about? Here.

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EOTD: Blue Lagoon

May 11, 2009 11:27 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

I have made a smokey look, nice for a night of partying. So tell me if you want me to do a tutorial on this look or not yes? :)


MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot

Black matte eyeshadow

Milani Blue lagoon eyeshadow

Elf Eyeliner

Revlon Colorstay Pencil in Black

White matte eyeshadow


ZA Powder in No 23

Wales Brown colour for contour

Milani Bronze Doll eyeshadow for highlight

MAC Pink Swoon Blush


MAC Florabundance Lipglass

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