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Review: Sephora Brow/Lash Mascara

February 3, 2010 12:48 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

The first time i saw Michelle Phan uses her brow gel on her highly perfect videos, i fell in love. It made her brows looked much more neater, and more precise! So, i went on a search for one. I know mac has them in shades of colour and the trnasparent gels as well. But for $25? I want to find something cheaper for a start. Met with the girls the other day, and i got myself a brow gel from Sephora at just $18. Thats more like it. Now, lets start :)

Now, after at least a week of usage, the gel became cloudy. I know very gross. It is even cloudier than the one shown above. It is due to the brow pencil i used on my brows before i apply the gel.

Why Adorebeauty Loves it?

My brows was kept neat even after 8 hours of the day. It is not sticky on my brows. I like that it manages to comb through my finest brows and kept it in place for the day.  The product has no scent to it, which is good. It is a decent product especially if you ar elike me, startin gout to explore in the brow wagon~ haha!

Why Adorebeauty Hates it?

I hate that i get to see the clear gel turns to a gross muddy substance.. EEEUUW!

Overall Rating?

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posted by Anonymous

hi diana, i read somewhere that one will wash the brow wand after use before putting it back into the tube. This will prevent it from being muddy. Maybe u can give it a shot too.

posted by

Anonymous, that makes sense! I'm taking note of that!

Diana, my first brow gel was ELF's and similar to yours, frequently of usage made the clear gel become muddy yikes. So i threw it away. Shall give this one a try!


that's why I use a brown gel.. haha. I am sure it looks really funky too by now.. if it wasn't tinted.
I think you should check out all the brow products from the MAC All (...) collections..

posted by

Anonymous : thank you huney! But it will be such a pain i have to always head to the toilet to apply it on my brows huh~..anyway maybe i will do that on my new tube. Right now its cloudy~ about to rain..ahahha :)

Makeupgeeek: yeah! then you MUST WASH it ok? Otherwise, it will be a MAJOR eeuuw~

posted by

retail_therapy: hahah too long to type it out right?! I thought of heading down to see it. Any recommendations sophia? :)

posted by

Like Sophia, that's why I use a colored brow gel too. haha. Plus I kind of need the tint from colored brow gels since I have so sparse gels and I need to 'color' my brows to match my hair. But yes there was once I used a clear one and boy did it turn nasty! Maybe you could cover up the outside with some sort of decorative paper? Out of sight, out of mind? haha.

posted by

the before and after pic looks amazing...

posted by gwenned

hey hun, i was in search of a clear brow gel too and got my hands on ardell one at watsons! has a very nice smell to it too if you're into fruity scents. funkay i know, but it was below $15 i believe!

posted by

lolx.. I knew it will turn muddy I use another applicator wand.. to dip into the products... never re dipping it! So My clear gel still stay clear! lolx

I was thinking about getting the impeccable brow pencil from MAC All ages... collection.
I heard that it contain abit of wax in the pencil that will keep our brows set in place all day. (Kinda like 2 in 1) lolx

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