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Review: Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder SPF20++

February 1, 2010 11:40 pm · Posted by adorebeauty06

Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20: Pure Finish 5

"New Mineral Makeup from Elizabeth Arden comes in a portable grinder compact. It releases a fresh layer of microlight makeup for each application, allowing you to achieve a look of pure perfection that's skin brightening, non-drying, and comfortable to wear every time. No waste. No mess. No kidding.

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  • New fresh ground technology delivers a microlight powder, virtually weightless, that blends perfectly on the skin.
  • Takes the mess out of loose powder mineral makeup to control just the amount you need. No more powder everywhere.
  • Non-drying. It's skin brightening and comfortable to wear.
  • Smooths imperfections. It doesn't cake or settle into fine lines.
  • Infused with minerals rich with antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and natural skin smoothers.
  • Enriched with sea water complex which contains elements such as calcium and magnesium known to strengthen skin and support natural mineral equilibrium.
  • Buildable formula, it's easy to create your own customized look from light to full coverage, without a made up look.
  • Pure, luminous natural finish.
  • SPF 20 sun protection. UVA and UVB protection.
  • For all skin types. Sensitive skin tested.
  • Clinically, dermatologist and allergy tested. Talc free. Fragrance free. "


Product link

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Powder SGD$58

Brush SGD$42

Cute fluffy puff!

I have used these for 5 days now. I wrote in my beauty diary on the applications:

First Day
- Upon application, i was estatic to try the most softest brush bristles i have ever experienced. I have washed it last night. It did not bled, no sheds plus it dries off instantly after a night of air drying.

<i>- This is the first time i try wearing powder foundation after religiously using liquid foundation all this years. I was skeptical, and do not know what to expect. Firstly, the powder is amazing. Unscented and very soft to my face. The mechanism of its foundation allows me to apply bit by bit on my face without having loose powders messed up my bedroom floor.

- I wore no make up base today. No primer. Just my spf from Vichy and on to the powder. Every little turn, i felt was enough for parts of my face. The first swirl, i was in love with how soft the brush is. When i look in the mirror, there was coverage. I have used my concealer beforehand. It claims that it can be buildable. I love how soft the texture is.

- 7 hours have gone passed. I find that it looks ashy on my face. But wait, its all a total different lighting. I seem to look perfect at a certain lighting around me. I watched my face closely at the mirror, and i find that my pores seem to be larger than normal. This is not good. I already looked oily. I touched up and i look fresh again.

<i>- No breakouts yet, although i have a pimple on my chin. Might be from days ago. :( I am hopeful for tomorrow.

Fourth Day

- i shaved the powder even more today so i can have a better coverage. Great coverage. My scars seemed to get lighter. </i>

<i>- I thought i got the wrong shade. But my application makes or break my foundation. I buffed extra today and build on more powder. It does not make my face lighter than my neck, yet it made my face more radiant. That is interesting~

- After 4 hours, my face still looked fresh, i was looking rather matte under the hot sun. I was waiting for a cab till my sister claims about my face. I did not find that it made my face grey though. Maybe i applied it with my make up forever HD primer. That it makes my face much more well blended and does not looked grey as the primers promises to evens out my skintone.

- I was so tired, running up and down visiting and accompanying my mother in the hospital the whole day. But when I came back home, my face was still fresh! After 9 hours! Amazingly amazing!  Maybe, its my primer, or maybe its the powder.

- No fresh breakouts to date. Very weird though as i will usually break out on mineralize products.

The brush is so dense! Look at the powder picked up?!

Why Adorebeauty Loves it?

I have never ever been a fan of powdered foundation. I know i have oily skin and that liquid/cream foundations tend to produce its own oils which makes my face even oilier. But, i feel that liquid foundation keeps my face moisturize and that it gives a very good coverage and consistency + it makes my face more flawless. I am wrong. Whatever i said earlier on, moisturize, good coverage, flawless are all that i see when i apply this powder on my face. It does not dry out my skin. No patchiness which i highly expected it to happen.

Although it is not that of a good coverage to cover my dark circles, it delivers basically what it promises. I did not search about the product the minute i got it. I wore it, telling myself not to see those promising words the products delivers, and just write what i realize about my complexion, and i am shocked that it delivers what it had promised! 

No mess. That is super true. Can you believe it? Everytime we swirl a kabuki brush on a pan of powder, when we tap the brush off, there will be powder fall out from the brush right? I am shocked what this brush could do. It has no fall outs, meaning to say, it does not waste my product. Plus, buffering is so much easier. The bristles are amazingly soft. I feel like heaven every single time i brush it on my face. The brush is my HOLY GRAIL powder brush. Nothing beats that.Nada!

Why Adorebeauty Hates it?

The packaging. I think the paper at the back is really a major turn off. I mean, the product itself is super sophisticated and high end~ but when i turn it to the back, it makes it look alot cheaper than it is. Just my own opinion i would say. As for the product, there is nothing to hate about when it does not break me out, even when it has silica contect in it, it does not cake me up and it has a good coverage.

Overall Rating?Please note that i was sent these products as I was selected to review this product. Well as promised, here are my thoughts and nothing have been influenced by anybody i have spoke to or otherwise :) Alas, thanks for reading my very very long review!

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I actually really like reading it in the beauty diary sort of format. Makes me feel like I can envision the situation. Oh I read that mineral foundation typically breaks you out but this does not? Mineral Foundation usually breaks me out too but this product sounds so amazing that I would like to try it... if it doesn't break me out, which I am so afraid it will.

posted by

I have been lemming on this mineral foundation for awhile... but the price always put me off (cos my EDM was so cheap and good... and I still have like 3 backups! lolx)

posted by

Wah. This product is truly amazingly amazing! Maybe when i have more moolah, i'll buy this and try it out. And this review rocks! Very detailed! ;) And if only EA had the square-square design on the box embossed onto the item's packaging, it'll look better rather than make it plain black with just the brand name on it. -__-

posted by

oh my, you got me lemming to buy this foundation! haha i really like how the packaging of the foundation works. ohh hopefully there'll be some stocks of these during the sales that ea has. =D

posted by

getting your correct shade is the most important bit! once thats settled, everything else will fall into place! im glad u like the product too babe! im ot alone! :D

posted by

icyabstract: hehe! Yes it normally broke me out, mac, maybelline's mineral power..i think what holds us back to switching foundations is the tendency to break out. That is a major bummer huh! Well, someday maybe you can give this a try :)

everbluec: the product will be there honey. Do not worry. I do not think this is a permanent line. Plus, use whatever works for your babe :)

posted by

heavenlygorgeous: i totally agree with you on the embossed of logo! That would be super super glamorous compact don't you think? great idea! And yes, take your time, i definitely feel luxurious applying this on my face :p

rainyydays: there will be i guess! Try it at the counter and you know what i mean :)

posted by

FacesBySarah: your so right! Shade is the first concern i have in my foundation requirement list..hahaha! And the foundation is just amazing. Im so glad i get to experience it with you babe! :)

posted by

Yes! Definitely super glamorous! ;)

posted by

oh no i want it now! look what you two have done
hahahaha :P its good that a product is found though!

posted by

roseannetangrs: yeah i am glad i had the chance to try it too! :) Robinson is having 20% off sale!

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